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Promoting Interfaith Harmony Through Marriages

Promoting Interfaith Harmony Through Marriages in The US:Mike Ghouse Is A Pluralist Committed To Promoting Interfaith Marriages Main Points: 1. Mike Ghouse has officiated more than 150 interfaith marriages.2. Today more people marry across faith in the US.3. Interfaith marriages promote pluralism.4. Interfaith Marriages in The US Account For 39 Percent Of Marriages In The Country By New

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Sex can make your live a healthier life

As a wedding officiant, I counsel the couples to live a happier life by preparing them to anticipate and mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill. More importantly, learning to accept and respect the otherness of the other instead of fighting a life-time to change the other. I came across this article, “Sex can make you live

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