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How to cope when children seek a new faith

When Aida Vazin was 15, she decided her mother’s Baha’i faith was not right for She spent time studying Islam, her grandparents’ religion, but ultimately decided organized religion wasn’t for her. When it comes to spirituality and faith, she feels more comfortable with Eastern philosophies on how to live a healthy lifest What made Vazin’s

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America Will Always Be A Great Nation

On Sunday, December 18, 2016; a model for a cohesive America was unveiled with a handful of volunteers at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, the nation’s capitol. Eventually this model can become an anti-dote to prejudices against people of different faiths, races, cultures and ethnicities. A few pictures from the event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeghouse/sets/72157674321116443/show America

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How Christians and Muslims can marry – the official guide

Wedding rings placed on a Bible and a Muslim Marriage certificate Getty Images Christian pastors and Muslim imams have come together to draw up guidelines detailing advice on how to deal with inter-faith marriages. Although marrying between faiths is entirely legal in Britain, couples often face resistance and hostility, both from family members and religious

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