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Good story from Kerala – Hindu family adopts, raises and marries of a Muslim girl as a Muslim

Stories like this should roll a tear of joy, it did to me. Happiness is when there is no conflict and I am so happy to read this story. I pray the negative trends in India against interfaith marriages come to an end,  and let people marry whomever they want without harassment of any kind. If

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End of child marriage in India

India closes child marriage loophole India’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that marital sex with a minor constitutes rape, for which perpetrators can face criminal charges. The landmark case overturns a 1940 law that permitted men to marry and consummate marriages with child brides as young as fifteen—a loophole that undermined the efficacy of a 2006 law banning the

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Melting pot: Delhi’s only synagogue, a study in faith

“The interfaith study centre was set up to find commonalities between religions. At any given time, there are about three to four students at the Centre, both from Delhi and abroad,” said Malekar. Rabbi Ezekiel Malekar at Judah Hyam Synagogue. Oinam Anand Behind the navy blue gate on Humayun Road, Ezekiel Malekar, Delhi’s only Jewish

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