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Can parents with different religions raise kids successfully?

I spent last week with some close friends and had a good discussion about whether couples with differing religions can successfully raise a family. Their take was it would be difficult for the children. As a family counselor, I have seen about every constellation of religions and parents imaginable. Those with the same religion, those

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End of child marriage in India

India closes child marriage loophole India’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that marital sex with a minor constitutes rape, for which perpetrators can face criminal charges. The landmark case overturns a 1940 law that permitted men to marry and consummate marriages with child brides as young as fifteen—a loophole that undermined the efficacy of a 2006 law banning the

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How to cope when children seek a new faith

When Aida Vazin was 15, she decided her mother’s Baha’i faith was not right for She spent time studying Islam, her grandparents’ religion, but ultimately decided organized religion wasn’t for her. When it comes to spirituality and faith, she feels more comfortable with Eastern philosophies on how to live a healthy lifest What made Vazin’s

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