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Interfaith relationships on the rise in the U.S.

Nearly 40 percent of Americans who had wed since 2010 report that their spouse belongs to a different religious group. Interfaith relationships are more common in the United States today than decades ago. A 2015 survey from the Pew Research Center found that nearly 70 percent of couples share the same faith, but that percentage

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7 Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Officiants

Wedding officiants ― particularly those that do pre-marital counseling ― often get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a couple’s future marriage. And what they see is not always pretty. Below, seven signs a marriage doesn’t have what it takes, according to officiants. 1. One partner is very judgmental of the other. “When I conduct my premarital counseling,

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Interfaith Marriages Cards

Inksedge Empowering Change in the Indian Wedding Card Market BANGALORE, September 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Be it a small event or big, a national or international, a big fat Malayali wedding or an old-world charm Goan one, Indian weddings are all about extended families coming together. Talking about unique marriages in a culturally vivid land

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How Christians and Muslims can marry – the official guide

Wedding rings placed on a Bible and a Muslim Marriage certificate Getty Images Christian pastors and Muslim imams have come together to draw up guidelines detailing advice on how to deal with inter-faith marriages. Although marrying between faiths is entirely legal in Britain, couples often face resistance and hostility, both from family members and religious

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Interfaith marriage is common in U.S., particularly among the recently wed

Marrying within the faith is still common in the United States, with nearly seven-in-ten married people (69%) saying that their spouse shares their religion, according to a recentPew Research Center survey. But a comparison of recent and older marriages shows that having a spouse of the same religion may be less important to many Americans

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The Emotional Challenges of Interfaith Marriage

There is a rapid rate of intermarriage among people of different faiths in the United States. Estimates are that 50 percent of Jewish men and womenintermarry. Several articles about the Catholic Church have pointed out that many young people have left the Church and have intermarried. These facts are indicative of the high degree of

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Jewish Marriage University starts Sept. 11

The fall session of Jewish Marriage University – a course for married, engaged and serious couples hosted by the Bureau of Jewish Education – will be held 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Sundays, Sept. 11 and 25, with an additional class for interfaith couples 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Supreme Court to revisit ruling on Parsi girls marrying non-Parsis

NEW DELHI:Four years after the Gujarat High Court ruled that Parsi women marrying non-Parsis would cease to be Parsis, the Supreme Court will examine the ruling which has implications not only for the dwindling small minority but also all other inter-religious marriages entered into under the Special Marriages Act. Unlike personal laws, which allow only

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Finding common ground: 3 couples making interfaith marriages work

Can a woman who was born a Hindu and a man who was raised a Christian find happiness as a married couple? They can if they’re the former Jaya Sharma and Jacob McGarry. The two, who married two years ago with a Hindu ceremony in the morning and a Christian ceremony in the afternoon, even

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Virginia Is For Lovers? Richard And Mary Loving Changed History.

We take life for granted, interfaith marriage and interracial marriage is no big deal to most people today, but it was not only a big deal, but it was impossible once right here in these United States of America. That is the reason we honor people who may have endured every imaginable difficulty, but they

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