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Interfaith marriages can require big compromises

Individuals marry each other, not their faiths. Each faith is beautiful and is about creating harmony and building cohesive societies. Interfaith couples must be applauded for they come together with their given differences.  I am pleased to have officiated several interfaith weddings and have written quite extensively giving full value to the words of Universal

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Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man

The full article is in my book, The “American Muslim Agenda – Muslims building a cohesive America.” available on kindle and Amazon. Two more books are on the horizon – Pluralism in America and Standing up for others. By Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse The sole intent of this essay is to shape and preserve the

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Outline of Wedding Ceremonies

This is a good piece put together by Dr. John Patrick Keefe II to give a general idea of the process of wedding ceremony. Of course, it will be customized to the needs and wants of the couples and or family members. I prepare one that is completely customized for the coupe with their own

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