Interfaith Marriages

Unique Wedding Traditions

Amazing Wedding TraditionsInterfaith marriages have created amazing revivals of traditions.

In the United States, people of all origins have amalgamated and created new “traditions” for their weddings. Each wedding I have officiated is different, even the food items served are fusion foods.

Here the groom enters the place, and women’s family members and friends hold a red tape blocking his entry. He has to dance if they ask him to, he has to jump up and down if asked or told, and also have to pay bakshish, pay enough to give access, then they will give him the scissors to cut the tape and enter the bridal area.

Traditions are silly but a lot of fun. Almost every wedding I’ve officiated, you’ll see a gathering of friends from different faiths, races, ethnicities, and nationalities celebrating the wedding. This is the future of America I envision. I urge each one of you to make friends from different backgrounds, when you know each other, conflicts fade and peaceful societies emerge. Mike GhouseWedding Officiant

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