Interfaith Marriages

Sikh-Muslim Wedding

I just officiated a Sikh and Muslim wedding in New Orleans. Through my work at the Center for Pluralism, I have learned and continue to learn the essence of each faith, and each faith is so beautiful.

What a pleasure to see two different people, from different faiths, ethnicities, languages, nationalities, and cultures come together and create a harmonious life. Thank God we live in America, where we value such freedoms, that God gave us. I hope one day we become a beacon of hope to other nations to emulate us. America is the most prejudice-free nation on the earth, we are not perfect, but we are working on it.

I have officiated religious, secular, and interfaith weddings in every combination with Atheists, Buddhists, Christian, Hindus, Jains, Jewish, Muslims, Sikhs, and others. Being a Muslim, I’ve officiated over half of the weddings involving Muslims. I’ve been To Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Miami, and every other city in our nation. We are also creating books to raise children in such an amicable environment without poisoning them against others.

Mike GhouseMarriage Officiant

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