Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse

Dr. Ghouse is a Nikah and Interfaith Wedding Officiant. He has officiated over 400 Interfaith marriages between Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Humanists, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, and others, the Nikah ceremonies between Muslims are in-person as well as virtual. Through consultations with the couple and, if needed, the parents, he skillfully customizes the proceedings to include their faith and cultural traditions. They can choose Interfaith, Nikah, Civil, Hindu, Christian, or any combination. He has officiated weddings from Boston to San Diego and Seattle to Miami in nearly 50 cities and destination weddings in Mexico, Canada, the UK, and other nations. He is an author (American Muslim Agenda), a pluralist (Center for Pluralism), a director (World Muslim Congress) and a social scientist (The Ghouse Diary). He is affiliated with American Marriage Ministries,  Universal Sufi Order, Islamic Society of Washington Area,  and a supporter of Muslims for Progressive values. 

Dr. Mylord Fatima ghouse

Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse (known as Mylord Reyes Tosta) is a licensed officiant and a member of the American Marriage Ministries specializing in marrying interfaith couples of all religions. Dr. Fatima offers this service in Spanish and English as she is available to the entire Latin community in the United States. She is committed to performing exceptional wedding services for people from different races, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and other uniqueness. She is a professor of Spanish at Johns Hopkins and George Washington Universities in Washington, DC.

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Step into our Wonderworld, where the magic lies in the harmonious dance of love across diverse faiths in interfaith marriages.
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  • God puts love between two individuals from among millions of people in HIS universe to live in peace, tranquility, and harmony (Quran 30:21). Indeed, when two individuals are in love, the ultimate milestone of their relationship is marriage.
  • Mike Ghouse is ready to travel within the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other places just to make your big day a huge success 
  • The men and women who take the bold step to become one regardless of their origins, faiths, races, cultures, and ethnicities must be appreciated and applauded
  • Interfaith marriages are becoming the new norm of society. In a few years, one out of two marriages would be interfaith, and we are here to cater to all of your needs

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Our mission is to open people’s hearts, minds, and souls towards each other  regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, nationality or culture

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Dr. Mike is such a wonderful soul and he explains everything so well and profusely. I really enjoyed that Dr.Mike officiated our Nikkah and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He made the process enjoyable and was always there whenever we had any questions or needed to go over something.
Amanda lee
Dr Ghouse was so kind to us for our wedding. My spouse and I are of different faiths and my parents were not agreeable. He took it in his stride and made sure to speak to my parents more than once. He did not mind at all to share the stage with another officiant for the religious ceremony
Adam Cheis
Dr. Ghouse was incredibly understanding at our wedding. With our different faiths and parental concerns, he handled it with grace. He even shared the stage for the religious ceremony without hesitation On the whole it was an exceptional experience i really enjoyed it ! Best Wedding officiant in my opinion.

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Interfaith Marriage

Bridging Hearts Across Religious Boundaries

In a world rich with diverse cultures and beliefs, interfaith marriage stands as a testament to the unity that can emerge when love transcends religious boundaries. Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse and Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse, renowned pioneers in the field, have been the driving force behind numerous successful interfaith unions. With a track record of 350 successful marriages, spanning over 50 ethnicities, 8 religious types, and 4 races, their expertise has made a lasting impact in fostering understanding and respect across diverse communities.

Founders of Harmony

Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse and Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse

The visionaries behind the success stories of interfaith marriage, Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse and Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse, established their groundbreaking initiative with a commitment to promoting unity through love. Their extensive experience of 15 years in the field reflects not only their passion but also their dedication to breaking down barriers and celebrating the richness that diversity brings to relationships.

Interfaith Marriage - a smooth sailing life

350 Success Stories and Counting: The Ghouse Legacy

With an impressive portfolio of 350 successful Interfaith Marriages, the Ghouse initiative has become synonymous with the success of interfaith unions. Their matchmaking prowess extends beyond religious lines, bringing together couples from various ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and races. Each success story is a testament to the Ghouse legacy of fostering love that knows no bounds.

Embracing Diversity in Interfaith Marriage

50 Plus Ethnicities, 8 Religious Types, 4 Races

Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse and Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse celebrate diversity at its core. Their initiative has successfully united couples from over 50 different ethnicities, embracing the richness that comes with cultural differences. Catering to 8 distinct religious types, the Ghouse initiative stands as a bridge between faiths, fostering understanding and respect. Furthermore, their impact extends across 4 races, highlighting the universal nature of love that transcends skin color and racial backgrounds.

15 Years of Expertise

Navigating the Path to Unity in Interfaith Marriage

With a combined experience of 15 years, Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse and Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse bring unparalleled expertise to the realm of Interfaith Marriage. Their guidance goes beyond matchmaking, offering couples educational resources and consulting to ensure a solid foundation for their journey together. Through workshops, seminars, and personalized counseling sessions, they equip couples with the tools to navigate the unique challenges and joys of an Interfaith Marriage.

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In a world rich with diverse cultures and beliefs, interfaith marriage stands as a testament to the unity that can emerge when love transcends religious boundaries

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