Interfaith Marriages

**We are all Americans, but a distinction is made between two different ethnicities, by American Guy, we mean White American – as all other Americans are identified with their race or ethnicity.

Latha and William are a perfect match for each other. They listened to each other and spoke without any filters. They can complete each other’s sentences. (Names are a substitute for privacy). 

As a part of learning the wants and needs of the bride and groom, we meet each other a few times over several months. We go through a process of putting together a proceeding and updating it regularly until the couple feels this is precisely how they want their wedding to be. 

The wedding was a festive event; the bride and the groom were laughing nonstop along with nearly 500 family members and friends who had gathered to witness the wedding. They permitted me to crack jokes at them, and their comeback was phenomenal. 

On my part, I wanted each successive wedding to be the best wedding I have officiated, and indeed the continuous feedback from the family members and guests was overwhelming. I am glad they enjoyed it, and it was a memorable event for the Birde and Groom. 

 Every wedding involves two long meetings with the couples and one with the parents if needed. I get everyone on the same page, and finally, a fully scripted program with their socio-cultural and religious needs comes through. It’s custom-designed for each couple. 

Latha’s mother had too many things on her mind, but when she sat down on the chair, the proceedings began. She was utterly relaxed. Her Dad is a cool guy, and I am sure he paddled under the water nervously but carried a calm face. William’s parents were a joy to work with for incorporating the wedding customs and traditions. I am very happy for them; their parents made every effort to ensure it was a perfect wedding for the bride and groom. 

At their wedding, their friends came from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and races among the bridesmaids and groomsmen. And that is what makes me happy. 

Indeed, that is my vision of America, and I hope you will enjoy this article – Shaping America’s Future.

Mike Ghouse
Wedding Officiant

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