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We are proud to introduce Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse (known as Mylord Reyes Tosta), our dedicated wedding officiant, who is the heart and soul of our team. Highly qualified professional with experience in Christian and Interfaith Marriages in Spanish and English. With over five years of experience as a wedding officiant, she has worked tirelessly to provide meaningful and memorable ceremonies. Dr. Fatima has a unique ability to officiate weddings in both English and Spanish, allowing her to provide services to a wide range of couples and ensure everyone feels included in his/her special day. Additionally, her commitment to couples knows no boundaries, as she can offer these services inside and outside the United States. Her dedication to her work and passion for creating an exceptional experience for each couple set her apart in her field.

Passion in Action

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Dr. Mylord Fatima Ghouse is not just a wedding officiant; she is a storyteller, a facilitator of moments, and a fervent believer in love in all its forms. We are proud to have her on our team and know she will bring that passion and dedication to your wedding ceremony. She is licensed by American Marriage Ministries, based in Seattle, and Interfaith Marriages by Dr. Mike Ghouse, based in Washington, DC. In addition, she has been working as a Spanish professor at George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC.

Credentials and Authorship

To get to know her as an author, this book may interest you: Cascadas de oro y plata:- Learn Spanish with Poems, Practice Exercises, and Crossword Puzzles. Available at:  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cascadas-de-oro-y-plata-mylord-reyes-tosta/1142464380

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In a world rich with diverse cultures and beliefs, interfaith marriage stands as a testament to the unity that can emerge when love transcends religious boundaries

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