Hindu Muslim Marriage Issues

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim?

Sikh-Muslim Marriage Concerns

Muslim Background of Dr. Mike Ghouse

Unique Wedding Traditions

Amazing Wedding TraditionsInterfaith marriages have created amazing revivals of traditions. In the United States, people of all origins have amalgamated and created new “traditions” for

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Sikh-Muslim Wedding

I just officiated a Sikh and Muslim wedding in New Orleans. Through my work at the Center for Pluralism, I have learned and continue to

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Jewish-Muslim Wedding

Rabbi Gershon and Mike Ghouse officiated a Muslim Jewish interfaith marriage on Saturday, 8/24/19- both of them seamlessly officiated the wedding. It has been a

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In a world rich with diverse cultures and beliefs, interfaith marriage stands as a testament to the unity that can emerge when love transcends religious boundaries

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