Interfaith Marriages

Amita Weds Sarah

This is for the first time, a woman has chosen another woman’s name as her last name in a gay-lesbian marriage and this the 2nd most publicized wedding of two Indian women. Both married White women and chose to be the feminine part of the relationship. 

Years ago I did some research on the preference of single women in a marriage. There are thousands of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Christian and Muslim single women in the United States.  Most of them were in their late forties to late fifties. They were sick of Indian and Pakistani men, who I was told were lewd in their conversations. Many of them have given up the hopes to marry, they rather be single than live with a creep.

Most of them over 50 had listed “spirituality” for religion and were bold to write they do not care about religion;  all men were the same!  I have heard many confessions that they would rather live with another woman.

One of the saddest part of that conversations was the bias that deepened in them against Indian or Pakistani men, or Hindu or Muslim men.  No doubt there are bad guys among us, but so are in every race, ethnicity, nationality and religion, perhaps the same percentage. After breaking up with romance, they were too quick to reiterate their biases that their parents had injected in them.

Think about this, we are messing with our children by running our sewers in their hearts and minds. They can have a beautiful life if we don’t prejudice them towards others. Shame on us for training our kids to be bigots. I am not bragging, but I took both of my kids to every place of worship – yes, every one indeed and they are grown ups now with no bias towards any. However, my son had faced some ugly comments from a handful of “Pakis” and before the bias could become a part of him, I was able to strip it from him.  This goes the other way too. I taught them the same lesson that my father taught – that individuals tend to do bad things and we cannot blame a group for the acts of the individuals.

How about you? Do you help your kids to be free from bias or worsen it? You know it amounts to poisoning them and robbing them from their happiness. Yeah the Hindus are like that.. or what do you expect from Muslims?

A few years down the road, I may have a university do research on the topic.

By the way, if you or your friends have kids who want to get married, I perform the interfaith weddings with customized sermons to reflect their religious traditions. They are going to get married any way, and no one should be denied the joy of their life by giving them a touch of their tradition.  I have done Jewish-Christian, Christian-Hindu, Muslim-Jain, Hindu-Muslim, Atheist-Christian weddings. You can visit my site

Its human to live in comfort and dignity, thanks to the United States culture, it accommodates the uniqueness of individuals and indeed it is the land of the brave and free.  
Mike Ghouse

Amita Parashar, Sarah Kelly

Amita Parashar and Sarah Jean Kelly are to be married Sunday at the Historical Thatched Cottage, an event space in Centerport, N.Y. Genevieve Dreizen, a Universal Life minister, will officiate, assisted by Janelle Perron Jennings, a friend of the couple who was ordained by Open Ministry for the event. The ceremony will incorporate Hindu traditions and an Irish blessing.
The couple met in 2002 at Wellesley College, from which they graduated.
Ms. Parashar (left), 28, will be known as Ms. Parashar Kelly. She is a producer for National Public Radio in Washington, where she works on the show “Tell Me More.” She received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia.
She is the daughter of Usha Joshi Parashar and Om D. Parashar of Los Alamitos, Calif. Her mother, who is retired, was a registered nurse at the West Los Angeles Medical Center, part of the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.
Ms. Kelly, 30, is the executive director of the Electronic Discovery Institute, a nonprofit education and research organization in Washington that works with lawyers and litigation support practitioners on how to best use electronic data. She received a master’s degree in education from the University of Virginia and a law degree from Georgetown.
She is a daughter of Rose Moran-Kelly and Morgan F. Kelly of Rockaway Park, Queens. Her father is a managing director and the general counsel for Breeden Capital Management in Greenwich, Conn. Her mother is a lead nurse practitioner of urgent care at Bellevue Hospital Center and an adjunct associate professor of nursing at Pace University, both in Manhattan.
Mike Ghouse

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