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Interfaith Marriage in Mandya, Msyuru, India

Congratulations to the people of Mandya, Mysuru, India.

The pluralistic ethos of India is to be admired, they all say live and let live. However, there are always a few who make it their business to meddle in other people’s life. why should it matter to me what you eat, drink, wear or believe?  Of course, no nation, group or community is an exception to that.

India has a great history of people marrying from different faiths, here is a historical line up.
Ironically when we became free in 1947, we got re-chained to communalism – that is religious bias towards each other.

Indian society like America is not mature yet in “minding their own business” every one wants to poke his or her nose in others personal affairs. If the fundamentalist Hindus and Muslims didn’t have a megaphone and oppose interfaith marriages, there was no need for conversion. It makes it easy for children to grow up with one faith in India at this time, although ideally, they should be raised to respect all religions,  however, it will take another two or three decades to get beyond religion and it comes with economic independence.

It was a joy to see the entire town celebrating the event in the town of Mandya, which brings me back to two items – Our Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is from Mandya, and way back in 1952 my father as a Deputy Mayor of Yelahanka Town had attended the STate wide conference of Mayor under the leadership of Kengal Hanumanthaiya, the Chief Minister of Mysore, now Karanataka.

Mike Ghouse
Interfaith Marriage officiant.

Video: “Qubool hai” – Love overpowered threats from saffron activists

--Courtesy "New Indian Express"
–Courtesy “New Indian Express”


Mysuru: Ashitha, now Shaista got married to her childhood friend, Shakeel yesterday amidst opposition and threats from pro-Hindu activists.

The families of the girl and the boy hail from Mandya. The couple looked happy at the grand reception held under tight police security at Taj Convention hall near Bannimantap in Mysuru yesterday evening. It was not just a marriage ceremony but a union of two communities, as friends and relatives of both the families dressed in their traditional attires greeted the newlywed couple.

The bride, Shaista was dressed in Muslim style. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes were served as the gathering was from both the religions.

Shaista’s father, Dr. Narendra Babu told that he feels very happy for his daughter’s marriage. Poets and Progressive writers including Prof. K.S. Bhagwan, Gowri Lankesh, social activists including Vimala of Janavadi Mahila Sangh and others lined up to extend their support for the wedding.

The guests were more than 2000. Mr. Rajendraprasad, SP of Intelligence Dept. and Mr. Umesh Ganapathi Sait, DCP NR constituency monitored security arrangements.

Shaista took MBA degree in HR from England whereas Shakeel, a son of a rice and jaggery merchant, Muktar, a resident of Gandhi Nagar in Mandya completed MBA in Marketing. He take cares of his father’s business affairs.

Dr. Narendra Babu and Mukther are friends for the past fifty years. Shakeel and Shaista are childhood friends. They studied together for MBA from Puna University.

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