Interfaith Marriages

Jewish-Muslim Wedding

Rabbi Gershon and Mike Ghouse officiated a Muslim Jewish interfaith marriage on Saturday, 8/24/19- both of them seamlessly officiated the wedding.

It has been a blessing to unite over 80 couples, and thank God for the guidance to have delivered sermons in both the faith traditions of the couples.

God created the world in harmony, and the universe runs on a precisely programmed trajectory. All that he/she/it wants is that we preserve and manage that harmony. Indeed, God puts love between two souls, which brings them together, and the fulfillment of that relationship comes thru the marriage.

Like the birds, and whales that travel thousands of miles to their nesting place, God also has built-in GPS in humans that bring them together. India’s famous poet, Ghalib had said, love happens, there is no reason or rhyme to it, nor there any criteria, individuals fall in love and come together like they were meant to be. Indeed by marrying, they bring fulfillment to their God-given GPS-Love and add to the harmony of the world.

Religions don’t marry each other; individuals do. The Rabbi and I officiated the interfaith wedding for this beautiful couple. GOD BLESS THEM, Amen.

Can a Muslim Woman Marry a non-Muslim? 
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Thank God for America, hope for the world, we have always led the world in culture, science, maths, medicine…. and now religion.

Only in the United States, you find Reformed Judaism, reformed Hinduism, reformed Christianity, and reformed Islam (although not pronounced yet, it is here) and reformed other faiths.

Children can be raised in both faiths and let them choose which way they want to go when they become adults.

The purpose of religion was to create societies where men and women, people of different faiths, young and old and different races, ethnicities, cultures and others uniqueness live in harmony, and securely. That is all God wants – he crated the world precisely and in harmony, he wants us to maintain it. Religions are the instruments to achieve that.

America is the place, and other nations will follow us over a decade.

Why do Children have to follow parents faith or culture? What is the need, let them live their lives in the pursuit of their happiness.

Mike Ghouse
Interfaith Wedding Officiant

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